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Policy, strategy and operational solutions for Governments, businesses and commercial organisations.

Universal Defence and Security Solutions Ltd (“UDSS”) was founded by General Sir Richard Barrons and Peter Hewitt and provides Defence and wider security advice, assistance and solutions on a global basis.

Our support extends across the spectrum of client needs from the Strategic to Tactical, in all environments and domains and uniquely, we can access the skills of proven practitioners who have a track record of delivering success for the UK armed forces.  We supply individuals and fully formed teams to support a range of requirements from single events to long term commitments.

We are focused on meeting the major defence and security challenges of today, including: leading in contemporary military ‘hard power’ capability; ‘hybrid’ or ‘political’ confrontation, including information operations and cyber warfare; and peace support, wider security, constabulary, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Uniquely, we are able to draw upon the largest and broadest membership of former British Armed Forces personnel, regular and reserve from SNCO to 4 Star, as well as former MoD Civil Servants to work with our clients.